Project Activities

The sixth and final season of dredging has been completed. Backfilling of previously dredged areas with clean material extended into November 2015. Processing facility operations continued until all dredged sediment was transported offsite. Habitat restoration work will continue in 2016.

Dredging occurred in Certification Units (see Phase1 and 2 Certification Units Maps, to the right). Tables 1 and 2 below are updated daily and indicate where project activities are occurring. The tables also indicate where monitoring and maintenance is occurring. Non-CU specific activities (general river operations, including boats transporting workers to dredges, and oversight boat operations) occur regularly during the dredging season. View daily activities on the Project Activities Interactive Map

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Table 1:
Status / Activity Certification Unit
Dredging / Backfilling Complete 1-100
Pre-dredging Operations
Ongoing Dredging Operations
Habitat Reconstruction
No Activity
Table 2:
Location Status / Activity
Processing Facility Demobilization Activities
Status / Activity Key:
Status / Activity Description
Dredging / Backfilling Complete CUs where dredging and backfilling/capping activities have been completed but habitat reconstruction has not occurred (where necessary).
Pre-dredging Operations CUs where activities to prepare for dredging are occurring, such as surveys and shoreline vegetation pruning.
Ongoing Dredging Operations CUs where dredging and/or backfilling/capping is occurring.
Habitat Reconstruction CUs where habitat reconstruction is occurring (where necessary).
Demobilization Activities
No Activity CUs where dredging has not begun but is expected to occur in the current season.
Maintenance Activities Day-to-day activities that occur year round at the Facility when no dredged sediment is onsite.
Maintenance and Facility Improvements When upgrades are being made to the Facility and day-to-day activities are occurring at the Facility and no dredged sediment is onsite.
Processing Activities Processing of dredged sediment, including unloading barges, sorting and dewatering sediment, and loading rail cars for sediment disposal.
Phase 1 and Phase 2 Certification Units Map 2
Phase 1 and 2 Certification Units Map Series
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