Interactive Data Maps

Welcome to the interactive data maps page. The sixth and final season of dredging has been completed. Backfilling of previously dredged areas with clean material extended into November 2015. Processing facility operations will be ongoing until all dredged sediment has been transported offsite, which is expected to occur by early December 2015. Habitat restoration work will continue in 2016.

On these pages you can view Phase 2 project activities, water quality monitoring data, and quality of life monitoring information. Click on the tabs below to view each map.

To view locations outside of the shown map view, click and hold anywhere on the map and drag your mouse to pan the map. You can also use the pan navigation tool in the upper left corner of the map. To reset the map view click the link above and to the right of the map screen.

The maps available for viewing are:

  • Project Activities:  View where pre-dredging activities, ongoing dredging activities, or habitat reconstruction projects are occurring along the River.  
  • Water Quality Data:  View the results from the last five readings at each far-field monitoring station. 
  • Quality of Life Monitoring:  View the last five readings for air quality, odor, noise, light, and navigation.
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