Phase 1 Evaluation

On March 8, 2010, EPA and General Electric Company (GE) released the final version of their respective Phase 1 Evaluation Reports for the Hudson River dredging project. The Phase 1 Evaluation Reports replaced draft versions of the reports exchanged in mid-January 2010, pursuant to the Consent Decree under which GE performed Phase 1 of the dredging.

GE's Phase 1 Evaluation Report is available at


After completing the first phase of dredging PCB-contaminated sediment in the upper Hudson River, EPA released a detailed technical assessment of the work to a panel of independent scientific experts for their review. The EPA report detailed the effectiveness of the first phase of dredging, as well as the challenges encountered during the first dredging season. It also laid out the Agency's proposed modifications to the engineering performance standards for dredging resuspension, residuals, and productivity for the second phase of the project.

The panel was asked to consider certain questions relating to the engineering performance standards and the monitoring program for Phase 2 of the project. EPA’s report included the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s observations and recommendations as an appendix.

The peer review panel publicly discussed its views on the EPA and GE reports in early May 2010 and the members' individual views on the questions were compiled into a report. The Draft Hudson River Peer Review Report underwent factual review by EPA and GE and was provided to the public for informational purposes in mid-August 2010. EPA received the Final Hudson River Peer Review Report in September 2010. The peer review reports are available on this page in the blue box to the upper right and at

During the independent peer review, EPA also sought public comments on the EPA and GE reports. EPA accepted public comment on the Phase 1 Evaluation Reports until April 26, 2010. In response to requests from the public, EPA provided additional time for the public to submit comments on the Addendum to EPA's report. Public comments on the Addendum were accepted until May 17, 2010. These comments were provided to the panel members for consideration during their evaluation.

In December 2010, EPA issued performance standards for Phase 2 dredging based on the knowledge gained during Phase 1 and input from the peer review panel.  Phase 2 dredging began June 6, 2011. 


On February 17 and 18 2010, the Phase 1 Peer Review Panel for the Hudson River dredging project held an Introductory Session in Saratoga Springs, NY at the Gideon Putnam Hotel. The focus of this meeting was for the Peer Review Panel to hear presentations from U.S. EPA and General Electric Co. regarding information gained during Phase 1 of the dredging project. Evaluation reports prepared by U.S. EPA and GE were reviewed with respect to the Engineering Performance Standards (resuspension of PCBs, residual contamination, and production rate).


The second meeting of the Hudson River Peer Review Panel was held on May 4, 5 and 6, 2010 at the Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls, NY. During this meeting, the Peer Review Panel members publicly discussed and considered their individual responses to the charge questions that were presented to the panel.

GE's peer review presentations are available at

Hudson River Peer Review Report [PDF]

EPA Oversight Team Phase 1 Observations Report [PDF]

Final Phase 1 Evaluation Report [PDF]

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